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    Premium 3-day EMDR Intensive Program

    2022 Premium 3-day EMDR Intensive Program

    14 hour program includes: 12 contact hours plus resources, assessments and personalized treatment workbook 

    • One 90-minute initial interview (available online) to assess for appropriate fit for program, gain insight and identify potential obstacles
    • Assessments to identify symptoms, areas of activation, thematic belief systems, triggers, and distress that you are seeking relief from as well as strengths or resources you would like to enhance
    • Preparation for the intensive program experience and identification of specific treatment goals
    • Personalized treatment workbook for you to get started faster and continue working on your goals after your EMDR intensive session
    • Three weekdays (9 total hours @ 3 hours/day) of client-centered therapy consisting of EMDR resourcing and reprocessing with Certified EMDR therapist Jennifer Jenkins-Boitnott, LPC in her Richmond, VA office
    • One 90-minute post treatment interview (available online) to assess and support your progress and positive changes from therapy. 

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