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    EMDR Consultation Groups

    You have entered the vast world of EMDR!

    When I completed my EMDR basic training I felt like I had just been introduced to an entire new clinical world that had the potential to (and did) transform my clinical practice. This is exciting and encouraging, but can also be overwhelming and stressful. As I have transitioned from a therapist recently trained in EMDR into an EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I am constantly amazed by the wealth of knowledge that exists and opportunity for continued learning, growth and creativity within the world of EMDR. I have learned that the best way to navigate through all of the information that exists and figure out how to best incorporate the power of EMDR into my practice is through seeking consultation and support.

    As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR, I continue seeking consultation for myself as a way of support, accountability, and continued learning and growth. I love connecting with other therapists who are committed to their growth and development as a clinician and as a person. Once you have completed an EMDRIA approved training (also referred to as basic training, and including both parts 1 & 2) you can begin working toward your certification in EMDR. You can read more details about EMDRIA’s requirements for consultation here. I can serve as your Approved Consultant for all 20 hours of required consultation and will provide the necessary letter of recommendation upon completion of certification requirements. Once you complete your certification in EMDR, if you choose, you may then register with EMDRIA as a Consultant in Training. As an Approved Consultant in EMDR I am also able to provide consultation for Consultants in Training and upon completion of EMDRIA’s requirements, the necessary letter of recommendation. Whether you’re working toward certification, are a Consultant in Training or just need additional support in figuring out how to best utilize EMDR in your practice, I view my primary responsibility as being a source of support for you on your professional journey. Below are more details about the consultation services I am currently offering, please contact me if you have additional questions about what may be the best fit for your needs.

    Individual & Group Consultation

    I offer both individual and group consultation sessions. Currently, I offer 2 types of consultation groups: Back to Basics EMDR Consultation Group & Safe Space EMDR Consultation Group. Both groups can count toward 10 hours of group consultation of the 20 hours total consultation needed for EMDRIA certification. The remaining 10 hours of consultation must be individual consultation, per EMDRIA guidelines. I am available to schedule individual consultation sessions to support you in your utilization of EMDR in your practice. Both individual and group consultation sessions are offered online only at this time.

    Back to Basics EMDR Consultation Group


    Focuses on review and mastery of the EMDR 8 phases

    Perfect for therapists who have recently completed an EMDRIA approved EMDR basic training and therapists who want a refresher on the basic 8 phases of EMDR

    You want to feel prepared and confident when using EMDR therapy with your clients

    EMDR 8 phases review

    Group Structure.

    Group 1 – Organization & Phase 1

    Group 2 – Phase 2

    Group 3 – Phase 3 & 4

    Group 4 – Phase 5 & 6

    Group 5 – Phase 7 & 8


    Groups will meet every 2 weeks

    Registration for all 5 groups is required.

    Tuition is $300

    Tuition includes: five, 90-minute consultation groups, access to Jennifer (and her resources) for individual consultation on EMDR and/or private practice growth/development.

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    Safe Space EMDR Consultation Group


    Focuses on in-depth case consultation, integrating EMDR into your clinical practice, complex case conceptualization, various protocols, and your own self-care

    Perfect for therapists who have a solid foundation with the basic 8 phases of EMDR and want to apply their skills to more complex cases, as well as consultants in training

    You want to feel supported and connected as you grow your EMDR practice


    Groups meet once per month for 3 months at a time.

    Registration for all 3 sessions per section is required.

    Tuition is $200

    Tuition includes: three, 90-minute consultation groups, access to Jennifer (and her resources) for individual consultation on EMDR and/or private practice growth/development.

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    My EMDR Journey

    In this video I try to condense the past 4-5 years of my EMDR journey as a therapist into less than 10 minutes. I hope this helps you to get to know me a little bit, learn where I’m coming from as an Approved Consultant and give you a bit of reassurance that you’re not alone in your own experiences if you are also overwhelmed and nervous about doing EMDR.