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    Introduction to EMDR Intensive Programs 2 hour Virtual Training

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    Attention all EMDR therapists!

    Are you feeling burned out?

    Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue?

    Are you tired of turning down referrals?

    Are you frustrated that most therapists you refer to are also booked beyond capacity?

    EMDR Intensive Programs are the answer to bring you relief to all of these problems!

    You and your clients will see rapid progress during intensive sessions. This brings your clients relief faster and will bring you a boost of confidence and accomplishment.

    You are Invited to Refresh your Fall Schedule with EMDR Intensive Programs

    Save the Date: Friday, October 15, 2021 11am – 1pm EST

    Join Jennifer Jenkins-Boitnott, LPC, EMDR Certified Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Private Practice Consultant in this 2 hour virtual training to learn how to begin offering EMDR Intensive Programs to your current and prospective clients and being to refresh your schedule and your EMDR practice.

    Jennifer has done extensive training and consultation on designing, offering and implementing EMDR Intensive Programs with Kambria Evans, MEd, MA, LMFT, The Teaching & Learning EMDR Consultant at Zero Disturbance in San Jose, CA. Jennifer also has years of experience in the private practice setting navigating insurance, billing, and all of the administrative pieces of the behind the scenes work in private practice.

    Bring faster relief to your clients. Bring burnout relief to yourself. Bring more cash flow into your practice. Relieve the pressure by taking this small step toward revolutionizing how you feel at work.

    The training will cover an overview of:

    • Designing EMDR Intensive Programs that fit your practice
    • Integrating EMDR Intensive Programs while accepting insurance and self pay clients
    • Confidence in yourself to make the offer and begin feeling the magic of EMDR Intensives

    Want to Learn More Now?

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    What are therapists saying about EMDR Intensive Programs?

    “I have never felt so excited after a therapy session before!”

    “I knew it could work, but it blew my mind!”

    “This is revolutionary. We need more highly skilled EMDR therapists offering intensives.”

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