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    Private Practice Consultation

    Are you working in an agency or group practice and day dream of being your own boss? You know it’s possible because you see colleagues leave to venture out on their own into solo practice, but you just aren’t sure if you’re cut out for being a business owner. There are so many pieces of running a practice that you don’t know how to do (yet) and it seems like it might be more stressful than it’s worth. So you just keep plugging along, taking on clients that aren’t ideal for your caseload, trying to meet caseload quotas despite feeling burnt out and also stay afloat on getting your notes done on time. All of this to give a percentage of your generated revenue to the practice or to take home a paycheck with an offensive hourly wage. 

    Sound familiar? You’re not alone. I am here to simplify the process of taking the leap into private practice. You are 100% capable of being your own boss and starting your own practice.

    Yes, there are a lot of steps to get started. I have check-lists ready for you. Yes, it takes planning ahead. I know the way there and am thrilled to guide you along your own path. Yes, we will talk about finances; they’re not as scary as they seem.

    Once you’re through the initial process of getting yourself set up for success in your own practice, day to day life is actually quite simple. Create your own schedule (guilt free), make more money, decide your own rules and policies, build a caseload that you are passionate about. All of this is possible more quickly than you think. 

    I am here to meet you wherever you are at in the process of getting started in private practice. I have years of experience working behind the scenes of private practice an I am confident that together we can bring those day dreams into reality. 

    I offer individual consultation sessions to support you throughout the journey in private practice both at the beginning and along the way. Want to get started right away? Check out my self paced workshop options here.

    Stop procrastinating, stop dreading your to-do list, and reach out to me today.