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    Consultation for Therapists

    Jennifer provides consultation services for therapists at Simply Rewire. Below is an overview of consultation services available. Visit Simply Rewire to learn more and for the most up to date products and services available.

    EMDR Consultation

    Jennifer is an EMDRIA EMDR Consultant. EMDR consultation is available for:

    - Therapists currently going through an EMDR basic training program

    - Therapists who have completed EMDR basic training and are seeking consultation for EMDRIA certification

    - Therapists who are EMDRIA certified EMDR therapists and are seeking consultation as a Consultant in Training 

    - Therapists who are seeking case consultation support

    Intensive EMDR Consultation

    Jennifer is specialized in providing training and consultation for therapists who are working in or want to start working in an intensive session format. 

    Jennifer offers consultation for EMDR intensive services and also therapists who have another primary specialty that is conducive to working in the intensive format such as IFS, brain spotting, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, etc.