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    EMDR Intensive FAQ

    Below are answers to common questions about EMDR intensive programs. If you have more questions about EMDR intensive programs please reach out to us!

    FAQ About EMDR Intensive Programs & intensive EMDR sessions

    What's in an EMDR Intensive Program?

    EMDR Intensive Programs consist of 3 parts: 

    1. The intake appointment 

    2. The intensive EMDR sessions 

    3. The follow up appointment

    How long are intensive EMDR sessions?

    Intensive EMDR sessions with Jennifer are typically 3 hours long. 

    How many intensive EMDR sessions do I need?

    Typically, we can address one primary issue within 2-4 EMDR intensive sessions. 

    Depending on how your brain responds to EMDR and how many topics you want to address, the total number of intensive EMDR sessions will vary for each person. 

    FAQ - Are EMDR intensives right for me?

    How do I prepare for my intensive EMDR session?

    1. Dress comfortably for your session

    2. Block out as much time as possible for after your session

    3. Plan ahead to make the rest of your day as calm and replenishing as possible 

    4. Think about what you may need/want for support after your session

    What type of experiences can we address during EMDR intensive sessions?

    Intensive EMDR work may be a good match for addressing:

    - traumatic events that happened only one time 

    - pre-verbal & implicit trauma 

    - you have hit a "stuck" point in talk therapy 

    - trauma that happened very recently 

    - complex post traumatic stress 

    - generational, or cultural based trauma and/or adversity

    Will EMDR intensives help me?

    People who tend to respond well to intensive EMDR therapy: 

    - have an understanding of the issue they want to address with EMDR 

    - have awareness of their emotions & body sensations that come up when talking or thinking about something stressful or traumatic 

    - are ready to make major shifts and heal through a powerful and transformative experience