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    EMDR Intensive Programs Cost

    Explanation of Fees

    It’s important to understand the potential cost of such a big investment in yourself… and also understand that you are worth it

    EMDR Intensive Programs include the following types of services:

    1) Psychotherapy Intake Assessment (90 minutes ) $525

    2) EMDR intensive sessions (3 hours each) $1,050/session

    3) Follow up psychotherapy session (30-60 minutes) $175-$350

    How it Works:

    1) During the intake appointment we will discuss goals for the intensive sessions, narrow down our focus for the EMDR and if time allows begin with resourcing exercises. Together, we will decide how many EMDR intensive sessions to schedule for the current phase of short term psychotherapy. This will range from one to four EMDR intensive sessions depending on your needs. 

    2) During the EMDR intensive sessions The EMDR intensive sessions we begin with resourcing exercises, continue identifying our target memories, and begin reprocessing and clearing out the distress associated with the target memories. 

    3) The follow up session is scheduled a few weeks after we finish the EMDR intensive sessions. During this session we will check in with how life has been after completing EMDR and re-evaluate for recommendations for the next steps. This may be continue therapy with your primary therapist, continued EMDR to focus on other memories, or continue living your life free from trauma. 

    How EMDR Intensive Programs are Different from Traditional Therapy:

    EMDR Intensive Programs are NOT intended to be a long term solution to therapy. They are intended to get you in, bring you relief in DAYS and get you moving forward in your journey to be your best self.

    Overview of Program Fees

    The following is an example of 100% direct pay for service. Payment is due at time of service and any reimbursement from out of network insurance is your responsibility to manage with your insurance provider.

    Example of a 2 Day EMDR Intensive Program:

    Tuesday & Thursday, 3 hour Intensive sessions taking place during the same week

    Psychotherapy intake assessment $525

    EMDR Intensive session #1 $1,050

    EMDR Intensive session #2 $1,050

    Follow up Psychotherapy 30 minute session $175

    Total Estimated charge for the 2-day EMDR intensive program = $2,800

    How does this compare to traditional weekly therapy?

    The traditional weekly therapy model is 53-60 minute sessions on a recurring basis usually for months or years at a time. Yes, EMDR works in the traditional model, but it is stunted by the short amount of time that is available. As soon as you start to get into the stuff that needs to be healed, it’s time to shut it down again and wait until next week. This often brings very incremental doses of relief, that over time results in progress, but often feels discouraging.

    Routine weekly therapy session $200/session for 6 months = $4,800 and for 1 year that’s a total of $9,600.

    It’s hard to compare ongoing sessions with EMDR intensive programs, and results are going to vary for every person. After doing thousands of EMDR sessions in the 1-hour format, I can confidently state that we make more progress in one 3 hour intensive session than we would in 3 separate 1 hour sessions. And, what I have heard over and over again from real clients who have done the work in the traditional model vs. the intensive model is that they feel better leaving session and are able to get through more of the healing that they needed to faster.

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