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    Therapy for Moms

    Motherhood is a lifelong transformation. Whether you are a soon-to-be mother, a new mother or have been a mother for years, motherhood brings it’s own unique challenges to navigating everything in life. 

    Sometimes it becomes hard to figure out if how you are feeling is just a “normal” part of being a mom or something more that needs expert support. This is where therapy comes in as a powerful tool. 

    Therapy can be a huge source of support to sort through all of the changes that are happening in your life and your identity. Getting advice and support from family and friends is a great part of having a support network, but sometimes that too can be overwhelming or unhelpful (despite best intentions). 

    Therapy can help you take care of yourself and your needs so that you can show up for your family as your best self. 

    Signs you may benefit from therapy & having more support:

    – Feeling depleted & out of energy

    – Difficulty sleeping

    – Feeling overwhelmed

    – Feeling stressed 

    – Sadness or tearfulness

    – Anxiety or constant worry 

    – Loss of sense of self 

    Talk Therapy

    - You want someone to hear you out and help sort through your thoughts and concerns

    - You are looking for tools to help you manage anxiety, stress, sleep, or  overwhelm

    - You're looking for support in finding your self again

    - You want someone to help you figure out how to manifest a life that meets your needs 

    EMDR Intensives

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