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    EMDR Intensive Offerings

    EMDR Intensives – the short version 

    EMDR Intensives are a fantastic resource to address recent trauma and/or narrow in on past trauma that is still causing you pain today. Depending on your situation and the ways your brain and body have stored the trauma that you would like to address, the amount of time needed to complete the treatment plan will vary. We may not get through all of the things you would like to address during one intensive, however I will recommend based on our initial consult call how many sessions I think would be appropriate. Read more in depth about EMDR intensives here

    The most exciting part about participating in an EMDR intensive is that you will very likely feel at least some relief by the end of the session. EMDR Intensives help you feel better faster!

    EMDR Intensive Offerings

    Because everyone’s goals and situation is different, I offer a variety of options and will work together with you to determine what may best fit your needs. 

    Premium half-day and multiple-day intensives with custom workbook

    What makes premium intensives unique?

    • These 2 options are the most intensive and most customized package currently offered
    •  Upfront work at home before and after the intensive appointment is required 
    • These may be just what you’re looking for if you’re ready and committed to thoroughly address your past trauma and maladaptive cognitions

    Check out more comprehensive information about half-day and 3-day premium intensive options. 

    Half-day EMDR Intensive 

    • These are a great way to address very specific traumatic events, very recent traumatic events, other significant events that currently cause you distress
    • Include a 15 minute free consultation call 
    • 1-hour intake appointment 
    • 3-hour EMDR intensive appointment 
    • 1-hour follow up appointment 

    Multiple-day EMDR Intensive 

    • These are a great way to address more extensive or persistent traumatic events or negative cognitions 
    • Include a 15 minute free consultation call 
    • 1-hour intake appointment 
    • 2-3 days of 3-hour EMDR intensive appointments
    • 1-hour follow up appointment 

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    Not sure what is the best option for you?

    Reach out to me today and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your goals and how EMDR intensives can help you get there faster.

    By being here and reading this page, you have already taken the first step toward prioritizing your wellness and make changes to help you live your best life!

    All EMDR intensives are provided by Jennifer Jenkins-Boitnott, LPC, EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist & Approved Consultant.