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    Therapist Thoughts…

    I am reminded today of the power of progress and change. 

    As a therapist I work with people on progress and change daily, and yet the moments when the power of progress and change are so strong that it brings me tears or gives me chills. The power of healing, of holding space, of witnessing someone unburden their shame by sharing their truth, speaking their story…is breathtaking. 

    The empowerment that one has to notice the cycles that have contributed to their own suffering and have the courage to decide to put an end to perpetually harmful cycles by writing an open ending to their story… allowing for the opportunity for something different, something better, something healthier to take place. 

    The future is not destined to turn out the same as the past. We have the power to create a healthier, happier life. But, the reflection, awareness, intention, processing, feeling, analyzing and acknowledging all of the hard, painful, traumatic truth is necessary for change to take place. 

    I strongly believe in the power of EMDR to assist in facilitating healing and change. I believe in the power of holding space for the work to be done to heal and the reparative process of being not only a witness of one’s truth, but also provide validation of one’s pain. “I see you. I see your pain. It was scary. You are strong. You survived. You are safe now.” As a therapist, EMDR and holding space are my two superpowers. At least that’s what it feels like sometimes. However, the true power of transformation comes from the person doing the work, sharing their story, looking their past head on, noticing their feelings however they show up and healing their self. 

    That healing is what therapy is about. It is days like today, when the power of healing takes my breath away, that I am so grateful for the honor it is to be a therapist.